Event Design

The Surprise Show

The Surprise Show is a monthly, ultra-curated professional NYC production. Every single performer is handpicked and most performers have significant TV credits. Every show features drop-in guests. And it’s not just a comedy show – we’ve had professional singers, magicians, mentalists, and more.

Designs for The Surprise Show, a monthly comedy and variety show based in New York City at Hotel Chantelle.

Job to Be Done

Create monthly social media graphics for a popular New York City comedy show.  Each month has a different theme set by the creators.   Additional projects have included event tickets and building, maintaining and updating the event website.

Jordon isn’t our web designer, graphic designer or creative consultant. Well, he is, but don’t see him as hired help. He is our partner and a vital part of the team. Without him, our website would look like a bunch of comedians created it (back in 1992).
Sachin and I (Anish) run a show called The Surprise Show and it is the hottest show in New York City from 2015 to early 2020. We’ve been featured in TimeOut NY, Page 6 (NY Post), Brown Girl Magazine and many other major publications. All because of Jordon’s ability to create a gorgeous but playful website that lets people know the show is something they’ll regret missing. Jordon helps us show our fans that there’s no ‘Back button’ in life by bringing our production to life in a web browser.
Additionally, one of the big themes of our show is…well…there are surprises. We have a new theme every month (as you’ll see above w/ the marketing materials). Jordon has been excellent with not only bringing the themes to life (he chooses all the images, fonts and layouts on his own with little direction from us – sorry Jordon!) but quickly creating an entire social media kit (FB, Eventbrite, IG, Snapchat) that we can then use for marketing.
Our show has given us the opportunity as south asian artists to grow our brand, sell out each and every show and most importantly, gain a new friend and partner in Jordan. If you’re reading this, bet on Jordon. It’s the easiest decision you’ll make when it comes to your business.
 Anish & Sachin