Event Design

Idaho Laugh Festival

Idaho Laugh Festival was a celebration of comedy in all shapes and sizes from 2014-2017 in Boise, Idaho started by Megan Bryant. Stand-up, improv, and musical comedy will be among the featured categories showcased during this multi-venue festival.

Designs for a Boise, Idaho comedy festival that included festival posters, flyers, name tags, social media, event signage, billboards, and stationery.

Job to Be Done

Create full-scale marketing materials for a growing comedy festival.  The main goals was to improve attendance at the over 15 Boise venues for various different comedy shows through the 4 day festival.  

I’ve used Mazziotti Design now for two different large-scale events (Idaho Laugh Fest, and Zip Zap Zop Business Training.) The uniformity between pieces were great to maintain brand integrity, and Jordan is fun and easy to work with.