WeBSITE Design

Bold Approved

Bold offers highly customizable storage system inspections focused on keeping your business approved for all site, safety and conformity conditions without the added sales pitch. 

New website for BOLD, a progressive material handling firm with customized inspection services and training programs.

Job to Be Done

Create a one-page anchored navigation website for a brand new company in they complex industrial racking industry that is clear in its presentation and tell the full story of what they do as a business.   

“I greatly enjoyed working with Jordon. He gave recommendations for what he thought would work best for my website, but in the end, allowed me to make the final decision. I never felt like I had to go along with every suggestion that was made. Jordon made sure that my vision was being portrayed and that everything was exactly how I wanted it. Jordon was willing to answer any questions I might have and to change any details I wanted changed. I appreciated the tutorial he gave once the website was complete and his willingness to still answer any questions I may have. Jordon, thanks again for making my vision come to life. It was my pleasure to work with you.”